Tina Barrett                                                                                 

Young People and Adult Counsellor

Registered Member MBACP

Dip. Counselling Dip. Working with Adolescents​

Email - tinabarret​[email protected] 

Contact N​o: 07789 637521

Client Testimonials

"Tina has the unique ability to make you feel at ease to discuss your feelings without being judged. From our first meeting, I felt that I was in a friendly environment where I could better understand how to deal with my problems and get the support I needed. I highly recommend Tina to anyone who wants to talk."

- Year 13 Student

"After my first session with Tina I was unsure whether I had said the right things, shared too much, or emphasised certain issues more than others and misled her as to what my actual feelings and priorities were. However, after that initial session, I realised that through the consistency of our meetings, different issues took on more significance at different times and that she was able to build a picture of what was going on. I found her patience and listening ear very encouraging. Tina asked questions where it would help me to look at things from a different point of view and enabled me to articulate myself as much as best possible, in turn helping me to understand my feelings. I found the whole process extremely productive and am very grateful for Tina's time and investment in me"

- Member of Staff

"Being able to confide in Tina helped me through a tough year of adjustment and changes. Her ability to balance being professional and confidential with being both caring and sincere meant I was able to really be myself. The sessions were a real solace to me. I would highly recommend her as a Counsellor. Tina remained open and unbiased throughout her sessions with me and it meant I felt comfortable talking about everything and I learnt about myself at the same time."

- Year 11 Student